Achievements & Awards

2016 Global Cleantech Innovation Programme UNIDO

Double Semi-Finalist

Achievement Showcase

2021 ICAN Toronto International Invention Competition

3 Gold Medals
Preliminary Finalist
The Best 10 Invention Designs in 2021
Top 20 Best Inventions in ICAN 2021

ITEX Malaysia 2016

Awards: 1 No. Gold Medal
Awards: 1 No. Silver Medal

44th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2016

Awards: 2 No. Gold Medals (With Commendations)

2021 Innovative Aging Conference – Malaysia

Top 10 winners for the competition

2021 Malaysia Technology Expo

International Innovation Award – Bronze Medal

2021 Croatia International Invention Competition

1 Gold Medal

2021 8th IIDC Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition

Awards: 1 No. Gold Medal

2021 21st Annual British Inventors Society (BIS) Awards.

Judged under the Chairmanship of Mr. Jeffrey Woolf OBE.
Invention Consumer – Gold Medal
Innovation Consumer – Gold Medal
David Nicholas OBE Design Awards – Gold Medal
Innovation Consumer – Platinum Award
Winning Country – Malaysia
The Obelisk – Outright winner, Word Invention Award

Academic Publications & Research Collaborations

iMagic Technologies is committed to working with professional academics and research institutions to conduct and publish quality research in the fields our products cover.

Ming, C. K., & Thiry, J. Y. T. (2017, July). Independent Bathing for Older Adults: The Conceptualization of the iMagic-BOX Portable Walk-In Bathtub. In International Conference on Cross-Cultural Design (pp. 161-170).

Joseph, S., Teh, P. L., Thiry, J. Y. T. & Chew, S. K. M. (2018). Getting Older Ones’ Feet Wet: Older Adults’ Adoption Intention of Gerontechnology (Mobile Bathtubs). In Proceedings of The 18th International Conference on Electronic Business (pp. xx-xx). ICEB, Guilin, China, December 2-6.