The Aquatic Physiotherapy Treadmill

AquaBATH is a standing bath with a built-in treadmill specifically catered for patient health improvement, sporting excellence, weight loss, general wellness, and rehabilitation.

Designed with easy access for users of all ages and various levels of mobility, by applying the PlaxiBATH’s patented drawbridge mechanism, a user can simply walk into the device and begin their physiotherapy or exercise routine as if it were a regular treadmill.

AquaBATH is extremely simple to use. Just walk in, close the drawbridge door at the touch of a button, and then select the desired water height and treadmill speed for a personalized therapy/exercise program. As the user begins to walk on the treadmill, water resistance allows for the strengthening of muscles in a low-impact environment.

Hydrostatic pressure together with the principle of buoyancy provides our body a chance to maintain muscle memory for common activities such as walking and jogging. As an added benefit, this will improve blood circulation, increase joint flexibility, and decrease joint pain.

Key Features:

  • Therapy Applications
    • AquaBATH's underwater treadmill allows for a myriad of effective and safe physiotherapy programs to be conducted without the need for a pool. Can be pre-programmed just like a standard treadmill by the therapist or user to best customize routines.
  • Easy to enter/exit
    • AquaBATH’s drawbridge design allows a user to simply walk in/out of the bathtub, instead of stepping over a tub wall.
  • Non-slip flooring
    • The base of the drawbridge cover and the internal treadmill surface of AquaBATH is covered with non-slip materials ensuring the user keeps a steady footing during a program.
  • LED lighting
    • AquaBATH is installed with LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the bath device, improving visibility and safety during low light conditions.
  • Emergency features
    • Temperature limiting to prevent overly cold or hot water from being supplied.
    • Panic button/handle to swiftly empty the unit of water and lower the drawbridge.
    • Wi-Fi-connected alert system to automatically ping family members/caregivers in case of emergency.
    • Infrared sensors at the entrance of the device for fall detection would trigger the same alert system.

Green Considerations

In order to make it more convenient for users, AquaBATH also comes with a self-cleaning function whereby liquid detergent (produced from an eco-friendly antibacterial essential oil) will spray out from small nozzles within the tub wall interior.