The Mobile Walk-in Bathtub

Innovating from the belief that the elderly and mobility disabled persons deserve the privilege of personal time in bathing, we invented the PlaxiBath with its portability and ease of access in mind.

PlaxiBATH is iMagic Technologies’ innovative redesign of the standard bathtub, acting as a mobile walk-in bathtub. Primarily focused on enabling safe bathing for the elderly or those suffering from mobility difficulties, it is designed to offer both comfort and safety to the user.

PlaxiBATH is designed as an assistive mobile walk-in bath device that is easier and safer to enter or exit as compared to conventional bathtubs. Instead of needing to step over a high and slippery threshold or tub wall, PlaxiBATH allows the user to walk directly into the bathtub and sit comfortably on a bath chair. Once the user is seated comfortably inside, the drawbridge front cover will retract to close the opening, forming a watertight seal. By activating a switch, the user can enable either warm or cold water to start filling the tub.

Key Features:

  • Drawbridge Design
    • PlaxiBATH’s drawbridge design allows a user to simply walk in/out of the bathtub, instead of stepping over a tub wall.
  • Mobility
    • PlaxiBATH is fully mobile and can be moved into any part of the household or easily transported by vehicle. It allows the user the freedom to take a bath anywhere, even by their bedside.
  • Installation Flexibility
    • As long as there is an electricity and water supply, PlaxiBATH can be installed there permanently. Without a water supply, internal/external water storage tanks can be used instead as a temporary measure.
  • Non-slip flooring
    • The base of the drawbridge cover and the internal floor of PlaxiBATH is covered with non-slip materials ensuring the user keeps a steady footing.
  • Built-in bath seat
    • As per bathing safety guidelines, PlaxiBATH’s internal structure is molded to include a bath seat, improving safety during the bathing process.
  • Keeping the user warm
    • PlaxiBATH can direct warm water to cascade down the user’s neck and body, or alternatively, nozzles built within the tub wall interior can spray warm water. This provides the user with instant warmth and the resultant water will be used to fill up the tub. Post-bath, while waiting for the water to be emptied, the user can activate warm air to flow out from the bottom of the bath seat to prevent exposure to the cold while waiting for the door to open.
  • LED lighting
    • PlaxiBATH is installed with LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the bath device, improving visibility and safety during low light conditions.
  • Wheelchair accessible
    • An alternate model of PlaxiBATH is available that has no internal bath seat, and an enlarged vestibule to allow a bathroom transport wheelchair to fit.
  • Emergency features
    • An overhead “T Bar” to attach a bathing harness and other gadgets.
    • Temperature limiting to prevent overly cold or hot water from being supplied.
    • Panic button/handle to swiftly empty the vestibule of water and release the drawbridge.
    • Wi-Fi-connected alert system to automatically ping family members/caregivers in case of emergency.
    • Infrared sensors at the entrance of the device for fall detection would trigger the same alert system.

Optional Peripherals

T Bar

The PlaxiBATH’s extendable overhead “T Bar” supports a set of gadgets. Foremost, a wearable harness attached by a safety cable to allow users requiring additional support to enter or exit the bath with minimal risk, and also for preventing their body from sloping downwards while sitting on the bath chair. The bar also includes other peripherals like a showerhead, controls, speakers, and a microphone that are connected to the built-in wireless communication device to communicate with family members while taking their baths.

Water Storage Containers

In the event that the device has to be carted to a place where there is no water outlet, the water storage container which is located at the back of the device can be pre-filled before the device is relocated. Alternatively, if a user would prefer having more water on hand, they can fill up a few external water storage containers which are designed to click on to the side of the bath device, available as an optional peripheral.

PlaxiLINK & PlaxiSUIT

To enable a user who is not able to walk by themselves to the bath device, PlaxiBATH can be equipped with PlaxiLINK, a ceiling-mounted rail attached to a cater-made bathing safety suit called PlaxiSUIT. These apparatus are designed as personal fall arrest systems to prevent the user from falling while walking to the bath device, meant to assist those who need the added support due to poor mobility.

PlaxiLINK functions as a self-retracting lifeline that is designed to automatically limit the free fall distance of the user to 1ft (30.5cm) or less and is capable of sustaining a minimum tensile load of 100 – 150kg in a fully extended position. PlaxiLINK was designed to mimic the functionality of overhead track & harness systems prominently used in physical therapy and rehabilitation, but cater-made for a bathroom environment.

Once the user is attached to the PlaxiLINK, they can walk with ease to and from the bath device or any other part of the bathroom without fear. As an added benefit being entirely installed along a ceiling track, PlaxiLINK takes up no floor space, ensuring no clutter in the bathroom.

PlaxiSUIT is unique as a bathroom safety harness, as it is connected to the PlaxiLINK ceiling track, instead of being attached to any one bathroom appliance which allows for free movement.

Catered for use in a bathroom environment, the harness straps utilize a form of specially treated antimicrobial polyester webbing for protection against bacterial & fungal infections due to direct contact with exposed skin. Paramount to safety, the harness is also covered with a polyurethane coating to repel water and reduce abrasion, preventing deterioration of the device.

To ease maintenance of the bathing unit, parts connected to the main body of the PlaxiBATH such as the “T Bar” or external water storage containers are easily replaceable with standalone parts.

Green Considerations

PlaxiBATH is designed to be environmentally friendly by reducing water usage and wastage. Outfitted with an efficient membrane water filter that can clean and filter used bathwater, this allows the same water to be reused several times if needed—such as in the event of a water rationing—without sacrificing hygiene. To make it more convenient for users, PlaxiBATH also comes with a self-cleaning function whereby liquid detergent (produced from an eco-friendly antibacterial essential oil) will spray out from small nozzles within the tub wall interior.

Furthermore, PlaxiBATH’s inbuilt water storage tank requires as little as 30 litres of water for a refreshing bath. Overall, the combination of the water recycling system and the low volume of water required to operate contribute to reduced water usage, keeping water bills low and wastage to a minimum.

Award-Winning Design

PlaxiBATH is the proud recipient of 15 total awards for its excellence in design from various prestigious international invention and innovation competitions worldwide.

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