The Height-Adjustable Speed Bump

PlaxiBUMP is a height adjustable speed bump that is designed for the dual purpose of controlling the speed of vehicles as well as acting as an entry barrier to block road access as needed. It comprises a portable body that can be elevated depending upon the usage as a speed bump or a barrier and can be set up or removed easily. Furthermore, in order to make it as versatile as possible, the PlaxiBUMP has alternative portable models, thereby allowing it to be set up or removed from location to location as needed.

Equipped with a sensor for tracking the number of objects passing over it using a remote electronic receiver for wirelessly receiving and storing the tracking information. This information can be utilized for several applications such as analyzing traffic density, limiting a vehicle parking area, etc.

The build of the PlaxiBUMP is modular, this allows for adjusting its elevation using its side-portions mating with its middle portion. With at least one jackscrew operated by a lead-screw within the middle portion, resting on a top node of the jackscrew, the middle portion can be raised or lowered independently of its side portions simply by turning the lead screw. This is achieved by a switch of the control equipment inside. The higher the elevation, the greater the vertical deflection of the vehicles passing overhead. Past a certain threshold height (as high as one meter), the PlaxiBUMP would no longer serve as a speed bump but rather as an entry barrier instead, physically preventing vehicle passage.

The key advantage of such a design? PlaxiBUMP is capable of constantly altering its height depending on the ongoing road conditions. The conventional road-building policy includes speed bumps at most traffic light locations, but as their angle of deflection is static, it can hamper traffic flow. Conversely, the PlaxiBUMP will be at rest during a green light, raised slightly during an orange light, and rise even higher during a red light, dynamically adjusting to meet road conditions.Through the combination of these specialized design features, the PlaxiBUMP can serve as a superior physical alternative to the conventional speed bump, by seeking to overcome its disadvantages, without jeopardizing its core functionality.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable height
    • PlaxiBUMP’s height can be either manually or automatically controlled to serve as either a speed bump (of a range of angles of deflection) or a road barrier.
  • Portable alternative
    • PlaxiBUMP comes in two versions, a standard permanent emplacement or a portable variant to suit different use cases.
  • Wireless Communication
    • Through radio waves, tracking information gathered by sensors can be delivered to a receiving communication device to dynamically analyze overhead traffic.