The SafeBATH series are assistive bath devices, advancing the concept of a bathtub or shower stall to a whole new level of safety and convenience.

Designed to provide personal hygiene and safety without the need of a caregiver, boasting a slew of built-in safety features (e.g., a panic button and anti-fall detection alarm among many others). Depending on the product entry, they are either easily transported by hand or remote-controlled to be stationed at the most convenient places for user access.

With the act of bathing being a prime culprit of falls and injuries—especially for the elderly and people suffering from mobility difficulties (i.e., monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia), bathing safety becomes a priority. That’s what the SafeBATH series is: Securing the ability to safely and comfortably be able to take a hot bath wherever is most convenient, ensuring a truly portable, and most importantly, safe experience.

You can find the SafeBATH Brochure here.

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