The Heavy Duty Flood Wall

A heavy-duty flood control barrier meant for permanent installations. ShieldGATE uses a foundation platform installed below ground to stabilize and ground the entire structure, propping up a seamless wall. Designed for major flooding events as an impenetrable wall meant to withstand extreme flood conditions.

A key advantage of the ShieldGATE lies in how the ‘wall’ section is installed onto the foundation platform using a pivot-hinge. This allows the otherwise inflexible wall to tilt backwards if the water pressure of the floodwaters is too high. This increases the ShieldGATE’s maximum water pressure allowance significantly, further improving its capabilities for heavy-duty use where regular walls would fail.

Key Features:

  • Permanent Installation
    • To be installed in areas prone to extreme flooding.
  • Heavy Duty
    • Able to withstand both extreme water pressure and high water levels.
  • Structurally flexible
    • Intentionally flexible, meant to flex to withstand sudden and turbulent water pressure using its pivot design.