The Modular Flood Control Barrier

ShieldMATE employs removable flood control barriers attached to a frame. Envisioned as the smaller sibling to the PlaxiMECH, ShieldMATE sports a similar design methodology.

Primarily designed to span across existing walls or pillars, instead of requiring the installation of supporting I Beams, ShieldMATE is composed of component pieces that form a barrier wall, attached to wall-mounted frames on either side. Connector pieces and variant lengths of wall section components allow for different widths of pathways to be accommodated, and in cases of turbulent floods with rushing water, braces can be installed along the wall as needed to help withstand high water pressure.

Key Features:

  • Modular Components
    • All the components held between the wall-mounted frames are removable and replaceable. Connector pieces and wall sections come in different dimensions to suit the situation. Can be removed entirely when not in use, forming a passage.
  • Structurally flexible
    • Intentionally flexible, meant to flex to withstand sudden and turbulent water pressure.
  • No additional tools required
    • Seamless interlocking shape, requiring no moving parts or additional mechanism to attach/detach individual components together. [Does not apply to wall-mounted frame installation]
  • Adaptable to terrain
    • Removable components save on space, allowing for flexibility in installation locations. Particularly useful to defend building entrances by taking advantage of existing architecture.