The Flood Control Assembly

A flood control assembly, designed with parts held between supporting I Beams, with the parts being removable and replaceable as needed. ShieldMECH is designed to be used as a heavy-duty semi-permanent installation, strategically placed at chokepoints in high-risk flood zones that face extreme flood conditions.

The components that form the ‘wall’ are designed to be manually installed and removed, instead of having a wall be nested underground as a matter of versatility, allowing ShieldMECH frames to be installed in positions where it would be impossible to. In particular, this is an advantage over designs requiring excavating large cavities underground to house a raisable wall, or where there is not enough room to allow for a swing-hinge gate.

In addition, if needed, a water release outlet is available on each component block as a means of slowly draining water from one side of the barrier to the other.

Key Features:

  • Removable Components
    • All the components held between the supporting I Beams are removable and replaceable. Can be removed entirely when not in use, forming a passage.
  • Heavy Duty
    • Able to withstand both extreme water pressure and high water levels.
  • Structurally flexible
    • Intentionally flexible, meant to flex to withstand sudden and turbulent water pressure.
  • No additional tools required
    • Seamless interlocking shape, requiring no moving parts or additional mechanism to attach/detach individual components together. [Does not apply to I Beam installation]
  • Adaptable to terrain
    • Removable components save on space, allowing for flexibility in installation locations.