The Free-standing Flood Control Barrier

ShieldPRO 3TX & 5TX, the crown jewel of the series, is a free-standing flood control barrier, catered for rapid response applications to deal with flash floods along roads and highways, designed for easy assembly on-site, even while flood waters are flowing.

PlaxiGUARD ShieldPRO has significant advantages over existing designs of free-standing flood barriers in the market; it is significantly cheaper per barrier unit, and of comparable weight, whose stackability allows for far easier transportation and storage. In addition, other flood barriers often require a connector piece or clamp to effectively connect the individual barrier units, whereas the ShieldPRO’s water-tight interlocking design sidesteps this issue altogether, ensuring no leakage past the barrier wall, with no external tool being needed. Of particular use is how if parallel rows of ShieldPRO are employed, they can form a makeshift water channel to redirect flood water from the affected area.

In terms of design validity, ShieldPRO has undergone displacement, pressure load, and hydrostatic tests to ascertain the stability and durability of the design, with great results. In addition, its award-winning design alongside extensive patents that cover 9 countries, makes the PlaxiGUARD ShieldPRO model an already viable product, ready for commercial use.

Key Features:

  • Free-standing
    • Barrier units are free-standing, requiring no mount to the floor or buildings to function. Assembled with little to no prior training required on-site, despite ongoing water flow. Ideal for flash floods.
  • Mobility
    • Stackable and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and storage. Vital for rapid response flood operations.
  • Self-anchoring
    • Utilizes the weight of flood waters to adhere itself to the ground.
  • Structurally flexible
    • Intentionally flexible, meant to flex to withstand sudden and turbulent water pressure.
  • No additional tools required
    • Seamless interlocking shape, requiring no moving parts or additional mechanism to attach individual barrier units together.
  • Adaptable to terrain
    • Specially-shaped connecting barrier units allow installation around curves and bends, preventing unwanted gaps in the barrier wall.
  • Optional Attachments
    • Optional patented “Grounded U-Lock”, a permanent hook installed into the ground that a barrier unit can be locked onto, ensuring the barrier wall does not give way to very strong currents.
    • Optional cement ballasts can be used as a further anchoring mechanism, with no pre-drilling required.
  • Water Channel
    • The shape of the barrier units also allows them to be used as a makeshift water channel, redirecting away flood water from the affected area.

Award-Winning Design

ShieldPRO is the proud recipient of 1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal from the prestigious International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) Malaysia 2016 Competition.

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