The Automatic Water Level Flood Control Device

ShieldTRACK is a flood control device utilizing auto sensors and controls. It functions by trapping incoming floodwater inside an inner compartment and using a float, is able to measure the current height of the floodwater beyond the flood barrier.

This enables the ShieldTRACK to dynamically adjust its flexibility to form an effective barrier. This simultaneously reduces the overall water level during the initial impact of a flash flood by storing a significant portion of the floodwater, therefore buying time for emergency service personnel to arrive on the scene.

Key Features:

  • Water Diverting
    • Able to store a significant portion of floodwater internally, increasing the response time window at the beginning of a flood event. Ideal for flash floods.
  • Automatic Sensors & Controls
    • Using a system of floats and measurement instruments, ShieldTRACK can function automatically and autonomously.
  • Structurally flexible
    • Intentionally flexible, meant to flex to withstand sudden and turbulent water pressure, and adjust to current water height.