The DIY Shower Unit

WikiBATH is a low-cost DIY bathtub, meant to serve any family who is suddenly in need of a special bathroom for one of their members who recently became disabled or due to medical reasons. Conceptually, WikiBATH is meant to function as a PlaxiBATH-lite, mimicking its drawbridge design. Despite lacking the advanced features of other SafeBATH models, WikiBATH’s versatility and market accessibility are the focus, allowing even low-income families to be able to care for their loved ones in need.

With a design enabling rapid installation, WikiBATH can replace traditional bathing facilities for users that find it difficult or impossible for them to use them as well as for those who are unable to remodel their bathroom to allow for full accessibility of a bath or bathtub.

WikiBATH’s main construction consists of 4 plastic panels and a bottom plastic tub, along with other miscellaneous parts. By simple self-assembly, the panels form a rectangular box-like structure using a mechanism attached to the side of the panels. Designed for DIY and able to be installed in any suitable location, any room that is within 3 to 2.5 metres of a water source can thus be set up as an impromptu bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Easy to enter/exit
    • WikiBATH’s drawbridge design allows a user to simply walk in/out of the bathtub, instead of stepping over a tub wall.
  • Deconstructable
    • Being a DIY bathtub, WikiBATH is fully deconstructable and for storage or transportation as needed.
  • Installation Flexibility
    • As long as there is an electricity and water supply, WikiBATH can be installed there permanently. Without a water supply, external water storage tanks can be used instead as a temporary measure.
  • Non-slip flooring
    • The base of the drawbridge cover and the internal floor of WikiBATH is covered with non-slip materials ensuring the user keeps a steady footing.
  • Wheelchair-accessible
    • WikiBATH’s shower cabinet and the drawbridge is designed to be large enough to accommodate a bathroom transport wheelchair.
  • Emergency features
    • Panic button/handle to swiftly empty the vestibule of water and release the drawbridge.